Historic Places in Texas

When we say not to mess with Texas, there is a proper meaning to it. Texas is a state with many war-related historical places. Before it got its independence from Mexico, a lot of wars were fought on that land. If you are in love with war history and the amazing structural designs you should visit the historic places in Texas.

Some of the important places are San Antonio National Park, Dealey plaza museum, The Alamo, Fort Worth stockyards, and Port Isabel lighthouse. The details of the things to look for when you visit these historic places in Texas are given below.

San Antonio National Park

This area represents the missions of Spanish Christians in Texas. Their mission was to promote Christianity in Texas so they made an outpost to continue their missions. The building was made in the 17th century so it makes the building an amazing place to view the historical architecture. The paths made by the San Antonio missions are also worth seeing.

Dealey plaza museum

Most of us do not know that assassination of the John F. Kennedy took place near the Dealey Plaza museum. There is a cross sign on the road that shows the location where he was shot. The assassin was on the sixth floor of the Plaza when he shot the president of the United States. After it was discovered that the assassin was there, the place has become a museum. You will be able to see the pictures of John F Kennedy as well as details about the assassination there.

The Alamo

The history of Texas can never be completed without the mention of The Alamo. It has two aspects that make the place so important. One aspect is the early missions of the catholic to promote Christianity in the native Americans.

The other aspect is the war between the US and Mexico for Texas. The walls of the Alamo were demolished by the Mexican Army and it was used as a stronghold for the soldiers. The Army of Texas defeats the Mexicans at this location and took the Alamo. Now, it is a great tourist attraction as well as one of the most important historic places in Texas.

Fort Worth stockyards

If you want to remember the old days when the cows and the carts were used to deliver the items and transport people, the Fort Worth Stockyards is the place to visit. It was due to the presence of thousands of cows for transportation. Now, this town has maintained the old looks just for the entertainment of tourists.

Port Isabel lighthouse

It is one of the oldest Lighthouses of the United States. The Lighthouse is present at the coast of Texas and it was used to guide the ships to cross the ocean. During the American Civil War, soldiers took over this Lighthouse from both sides but later it was released. Now, it is part of the national historic sites. After the restoration, it looks amazing. It became famous among the tourist after the visitor’s center was constructed.

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