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The Three Things Everyone Must Do in Norway.

We all know Norway as the country where old and new seem to blend naturally. With modern structures and transportation everywhere, as well as traditional festivals and cultures being kept alive for thousands of years. Norway is truly, a country worth visiting! 

But when it’s your first time traveling to this country, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose what to do first. So to help you out, we’re here with this article. These are things every person must do, but aren’t the only things you should do. By all means, explore the country and its wide array of cities for yourself! 

So without further ado, here are the three things everyone must do in Norway! 

#1 Visit the Arctic Circle. 

Norway is actually in the vicinity of the arctic circle. This means that the country is near the area in the world, where the Midnight Sun can occur, as well as the famous Northern Lights

To make it simple, the Midnight Sun is an event that only happens during mid-summer. It is when the sun permanently stays in the sky for the whole day. Yes, you heard me right, the whole day! That means you can check your clock, see 12:45 A.M. and the sun would still be way up in the sky. Pretty amazing right? 

And there’s more! Once you visit the arctic circle, you will also be able to see the ever so popular, Northern Lights! It’s a phenomenon caused by mixtures of heat, the cold, the night sky, and light. So this is definitely something every visitor should see and experience for themselves! 

#2 Take the train. 

Now, I know it’s a weird thing to have on this list. But hear me out first, because traveling by train in Norway is absolutely the best way to travel here. 

This is because the train system that was set in place here, is user friendly to everyone across the world. This makes it easy to understand and use! And the country of Norway is considered to be one of the safest in the world, so taking the train, even if you were traveling alone, ensures that you get to your destination quickly and safe! 

Not a lot of countries can boast their transportation system, but Norway is the exception. This is thanks to the country’s government, progress, and just the people themselves that make this country a safe place to visit! 

#3 Go skiing. 

Norway is absolutely riddled with gigantic snowy mountains, but there is no other place that does it in this country, then the Lyngen Alps! 

The Lyngen Alps is located along the Arctic Circle and spans about 90 kilometers, all the way to the border going to Sweden. It is a mountain range where a ton of activities and past times can be done such as skiing, taking a snow safari and even dog sledding. And you can also see the Northern Lights here if you stay long enough! 

But if you just want to sit back and enjoy the view, then the Alps is also covered with fjords, glaciers, rivers, and breathtaking peaks. It’s the best place to climb and see Norway in all its glory! 


Norway is a country unlike any other. It’s more well known for its Northern Lights phenomenon, as well as the Midnight Sun. It’s also considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, which makes it a tourist destination every traveler should want to visit! It’s a gorgeous country where the old meets the new and is only missing you!…