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Three Reasons Why Sri Lanka Should Be Your Next Tourist Destination

Considered to be one of the best tourist spots in all of SouthEast Asia, the country of Sri Lanka is a place that all people should visit at least once in their life! 

From tropical beaches that go as far as the eyes can see, to mouthwatering cuisines that are sure to captivate you and keep you wanting more. There are a plethora of reasons to visit Sri Lanka, probably more than anyone can count really! 

So to give you a more direct and straightforward answer, we’ve compiled this small list to help you book the next incoming flight to Sri Lanka as soon as possible! So without further ado, here are the three best reasons why Sri Lanka Should be your next tourist destination! 

Tropical Climate Year Round. 

The country of Sri Lanks has a very tropical and humid climate every day. This may be a bother to some people, but not to those who love dressing lightly, and going to the beach

The nation experiences two monsoons all year round, which can affect different parts of the country at different months. This means that throughout the day, a sunny climate can appear out of nowhere, making it a perfect day to go traveling around the country. 

Speaking of that monsoon, the southwest one usually takes place between May and July, which leaves the north rain-free and almost always sunny! And the northeast monsoon is between October and January, making the South ready to be explored! 

Home to the rarest animals. 

Sri Lanka is considered to be Asia’s wildlife hotspot. It’s home to 26 National Parks as well as two marine parks that everybody can enjoy. But what really makes it one of the world’s best enclosures for animals, is the fact that it has some of the rarest animals you can find in the world. 

The most well-known National Park in this country is Yala National Park that has the highest density of leopards in the world, as well as 215 species of birds, and reptiles that are sure to make anyone squirm! And at the opposite of that is the Udawalae National Park which has an endless herd of Elephants as well as some of the rarest birds in the world! 

So if you love animals and want to get more in touch with them, then visiting at least one of these national parks should be more than enough reason to visit Sri Lanka! 

Getting closer to Buddha. 

Now, if you’re on a more spiritual journey and want to learn more about the teachings of Buddha, or are just generally curious about the religion, then visiting Sri Lanka is sure to satisfy your needs! 

Buddhism has played a huge role in Sri Lanka, and you can see how thanks to all the Buddhist temples scattered across the country. These centuries-old temples hold valuable pieces of Sri Lanka and are absolutely awe-inspiring when you see them in person! You can tell that the architecture was years beyond its era making them all the more interesting and inspiring. 

So if you’re looking to further deepen your relationship with Buddha, then Sri Lanka is the way to go! 


Sri Lanka is a country unlike any other in the Southeast Asian region. It’s a place filled with beautiful beaches, warm weather, rare animals, and religious doctrines that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It is truly a place unlike any other, and should make it at the top of your list as the top tourist destination to visit this year! …