5 Side Effects of Turinabol You Need to Know About!

Every bodybuilding supplements which were designed from the androgenic substances are banned now.

Turinabol is one of the illegally supplied testosterone derivative which has dangerous outcomes.

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Some people think combining the two anabolic steroids can be safe and helpful, but in reality, it’s totally wrong.

It’s hazardous, harmful for your health and vital organs.

Turinabol- What Is It?

4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone a.k.a Turinabol is an anabolic steroid which promotes the generation of lean muscle mass to the greater extent.

This steroid is legal for only bed bound or malnourished patients who are on a verge of death because of weakness.

The substance was firstly banned in 1960 where a German player abused it in the Olympic Games.

Due to its rapid excretory time from the body, many bodybuilders and athletes are rumored to use it in order to increase strength and stamina.

It’s not like Turinabol is unavailable, but you can get it from the black market dealers who give you an unknown quality supplement by the name T-Bol. Not a sane person would take this decision and purchase it for one’s user.

Is Turinabol Safe?

The creation of D-Bol and Tren took in the same era.

Some people suggest that T-Bol was designed after D-Bol in order to mask its side effects and detection in a blood test.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case, indeed like every other steroid, T-Bol also have a wide range of side effects.

Turinabol is not safe unless gaining 10-12 pounds are important for you than your health.

Dianabol Vs Turinabol

Dianabol is a pure and potent version of Methandrostenolone which a direct precursor of Testosterone.

The efficacy of Dianabol is endorsed by many experts and bodybuilders because it aims the muscle building process at a faster pace.

Turinabol formula contains a mild amount of Methandrostenolone but again, it is combined with Clostebol which makes it less potent than D-Bol.

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According to people, it is the presence of  Clostebol that decreases the intensity of side effects.

But if you see it from Biochemical point of view, it’s still the same!

5 Serious Side Effects of Turinabol You Should Know About
  1. Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Events

Turinabol is reported to increase the risk of heart disease by increasing cholesterol level.

This can lead to myocardial infarction or heart failure. Usually, steroids are supposed to break the LDL (a bad cholesterol)  but turinabol prolong the recycle of LDL, which leads to accumulation of fats in the arteries.

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When more LDL is bulge inside your arterial walls it will increase the blood pressure and less oxygenation. This way your heart will not be called healthy in term of functionalities.

Putting your heart under lots of pressure isn’t recommended in any literature or exercise regimen.

  1. Lowers Libido and Testosterone

Turinabol restricts the body natural process to produce testosterone and in turn, it causes many masculine issues such as erectile dysfunction.

With less or, no testosterone in your system not only your sexual life is going to be affected, but you will be a victim of infertility, lightly weighted bones, gynecomastia, and lethargy.

In many men, Turinabol led them to PCT plan which is a nightmare in men’s lives.

Testosterone assists the body’s natural tendency to build muscle mass which will also be lost with Turinabol use.

  1. Alopecia on Head, Hirsutism On Back!

It’s a shame to not have hair on your head, but on your neck and back. Well, use of Turinabol is mainly associated with these conditions, especially men with male pattern baldness in their family history.

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Due to the rise in DHT level, your body will start to lose hair from the head and promotes hair growth on the smooth skin. Whoever is going to use Turinabol make sure you don’t love your hair anymore.

  1. Live Failure

When we said all your vital organs are affected by the use of Turinabol, we meant every! After the heart, your liver is next because the steroid is metabolized in your liver carried by some enzymatic degradation.

Turinabol is claimed to be hepatotoxic because it dangerously increases the amount of liver enzyme. As a result of which conditions like jaundice, hepatitis, tumors, hepatic adenomas are common.

In cases of permanent liver damage, there is a chance your body will reject all the chemicals or steroids you are taking and it can lead to sudden death.

It is therefore advised not to use any sort of supplement which messes with your liver functions.

  1. Infected Skin

Use of anabolic-androgenic steroids is known to develop pimples on your face. It will take you to your teenage where the face marks used to be a nightmare.

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Turinabol interferes with the hormonal system that according to some fact increase the secretion from sebaceous glands. As a result, you get annoyingly dry or oily skin with lots of zits.

It doesn’t just stays on the face but radiates to your back and another sensitive region.

Safe and Legal Alternatives of Turinabol

What makes a supplement safe? The Ingredients!

When you briefly study about these anabolic steroids you will notice that there is one thing common, it damages the organs and messes with your hormones.

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In order to get a safe alternative to make sure the supplements you are buying have natural ingredients.

Crazy Bulk D-Bal- A Natural, Safe and Legal Alternate to Turinabol and Dianabol

D-Bal is the newly introduced muscle building supplement which surpasses the anabolic effects of normal steroids.

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D-Bal is the bulking supplement which uses natural ingredients in their formula, some of the ingredients included in D-Bal are:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • BCCA

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We recommend you to take a little time and read about D-Bal and the reviews people are posting about it. From purchasing to use, D-Bal improves your workout skills and get you huge bulk within a month.

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Turinabol with other anabolic drugs have taken more lives than we can imagine, it is useless to put your money on something that cuts your life expectancy.

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