Three Reasons Why Sri Lanka Should Be Your Next Tourist Destination

Considered to be one of the best tourist spots in all of SouthEast Asia, the country of Sri Lanka is a place that all people should visit at least once in their life! 

From tropical beaches that go as far as the eyes can see, to mouthwatering cuisines that are sure to captivate you and keep you wanting more. There are a plethora of reasons to visit Sri Lanka, probably more than anyone can count really! 

So to give you a more direct and straightforward answer, we’ve compiled this small list to help you book the next incoming flight to Sri Lanka as soon as possible! So without further ado, here are the three best reasons why Sri Lanka Should be your next tourist destination! 

Tropical Climate Year Round. 

The country of Sri Lanks has a very tropical and humid climate every day. This may be a bother to some people, but not to those who love dressing lightly, and going to the beach

The nation experiences two monsoons all year round, which can affect different parts of the country at different months. This means that throughout the day, a sunny climate can appear out of nowhere, making it a perfect day to go traveling around the country. 

Speaking of that monsoon, the southwest one usually takes place between May and July, which leaves the north rain-free and almost always sunny! And the northeast monsoon is between October and January, making the South ready to be explored! 

Home to the rarest animals. 

Sri Lanka is considered to be Asia’s wildlife hotspot. It’s home to 26 National Parks as well as two marine parks that everybody can enjoy. But what really makes it one of the world’s best enclosures for animals, is the fact that it has some of the rarest animals you can find in the world. 

The most well-known National Park in this country is Yala National Park that has the highest density of leopards in the world, as well as 215 species of birds, and reptiles that are sure to make anyone squirm! And at the opposite of that is the Udawalae National Park which has an endless herd of Elephants as well as some of the rarest birds in the world! 

So if you love animals and want to get more in touch with them, then visiting at least one of these national parks should be more than enough reason to visit Sri Lanka! 

Getting closer to Buddha. 

Now, if you’re on a more spiritual journey and want to learn more about the teachings of Buddha, or are just generally curious about the religion, then visiting Sri Lanka is sure to satisfy your needs! 

Buddhism has played a huge role in Sri Lanka, and you can see how thanks to all the Buddhist temples scattered across the country. These centuries-old temples hold valuable pieces of Sri Lanka and are absolutely awe-inspiring when you see them in person! You can tell that the architecture was years beyond its era making them all the more interesting and inspiring. 

So if you’re looking to further deepen your relationship with Buddha, then Sri Lanka is the way to go! 


Sri Lanka is a country unlike any other in the Southeast Asian region. It’s a place filled with beautiful beaches, warm weather, rare animals, and religious doctrines that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It is truly a place unlike any other, and should make it at the top of your list as the top tourist destination to visit this year! …

The Three Things Everyone Must Do in Norway.

We all know Norway as the country where old and new seem to blend naturally. With modern structures and transportation everywhere, as well as traditional festivals and cultures being kept alive for thousands of years. Norway is truly, a country worth visiting! 

But when it’s your first time traveling to this country, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose what to do first. So to help you out, we’re here with this article. These are things every person must do, but aren’t the only things you should do. By all means, explore the country and its wide array of cities for yourself! 

So without further ado, here are the three things everyone must do in Norway! 

#1 Visit the Arctic Circle. 

Norway is actually in the vicinity of the arctic circle. This means that the country is near the area in the world, where the Midnight Sun can occur, as well as the famous Northern Lights

To make it simple, the Midnight Sun is an event that only happens during mid-summer. It is when the sun permanently stays in the sky for the whole day. Yes, you heard me right, the whole day! That means you can check your clock, see 12:45 A.M. and the sun would still be way up in the sky. Pretty amazing right? 

And there’s more! Once you visit the arctic circle, you will also be able to see the ever so popular, Northern Lights! It’s a phenomenon caused by mixtures of heat, the cold, the night sky, and light. So this is definitely something every visitor should see and experience for themselves! 

#2 Take the train. 

Now, I know it’s a weird thing to have on this list. But hear me out first, because traveling by train in Norway is absolutely the best way to travel here. 

This is because the train system that was set in place here, is user friendly to everyone across the world. This makes it easy to understand and use! And the country of Norway is considered to be one of the safest in the world, so taking the train, even if you were traveling alone, ensures that you get to your destination quickly and safe! 

Not a lot of countries can boast their transportation system, but Norway is the exception. This is thanks to the country’s government, progress, and just the people themselves that make this country a safe place to visit! 

#3 Go skiing. 

Norway is absolutely riddled with gigantic snowy mountains, but there is no other place that does it in this country, then the Lyngen Alps! 

The Lyngen Alps is located along the Arctic Circle and spans about 90 kilometers, all the way to the border going to Sweden. It is a mountain range where a ton of activities and past times can be done such as skiing, taking a snow safari and even dog sledding. And you can also see the Northern Lights here if you stay long enough! 

But if you just want to sit back and enjoy the view, then the Alps is also covered with fjords, glaciers, rivers, and breathtaking peaks. It’s the best place to climb and see Norway in all its glory! 


Norway is a country unlike any other. It’s more well known for its Northern Lights phenomenon, as well as the Midnight Sun. It’s also considered to be one of the safest countries in the world, which makes it a tourist destination every traveler should want to visit! It’s a gorgeous country where the old meets the new and is only missing you!…

The Top Best Cities to Visit in the Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago located near the Pacific Ocean. If anything it’s actually the closest country to it. And because of this, it has become a tropical paradise, filled with beautiful beaches, exotic foods, and so much more. The Pearl is definitely a sight to behold, thanks to its wonderful landscapes, and bustling cities. But where do you start? 

Well, if it’s your first time visiting the group of islands, then you’ll need a guide! Luckily for you, I’m here to help you out. Having gone to the Philippines myself, I’m here to let you know all about the top cities to visit in this tropical country. 


The city of Boracay is a sight to behold and is one of, if not, the best places to visit in the Philippines. It is also considered to be the beach capital of the country, with over 12 exotic and tropical beaches, all with their own and unique twists. But the number one beach to visit is definitely the White Sands Beach, where the sands can be seen to have a pearl white color and an amazing shoreline as well. 

So if you’re looking for that pure tropical and beach vibes, then head on over to Boracay to have a taste of what it’s like living near the seas!


But the Pearl is not only about beaches and shores, which is why you should definitely visit Banaue up next! In this city, you will be able to visit the agricultural wonder of the world, the Banaue Rice Terraces, which are emerald-green like terraces that were made way back then when the Philippines was still beginning to prosper. It is an attraction worth seeing alone, but you can also stay for the great Banaue Ethnic Villages as well, in order to give you a better example as to how life is lived in the province. 

So if you’re looking for a glorious sight where intricate landscapes are the deal, then come to Banaue to have one of the most amazing experiences of your life. 


One of the most unique destinations in the Philippines, the City of Pines is a city worth seeing without a doubt. Baguio is unlike other main attractive cities that are surrounded by waters, as this one is actually surrounded by pine trees and mountains. It has a very intimate and cottage type vibe to it, which makes it a very chilly and cozy stop, in comparison to the beaches and provinces we’ve just discussed. It is a great place to spice up your stay in the Philippines and is also an amazing city to explore. 

If you do decide to visit, then I suggest you try and explore the night market, as it is one of the main attractions of the city, and you will see exactly why. 


The Pearl of the Orient Sea is an island that has people all across the globe flocking to it because of its amazing beaches, beautiful landscapes, bustling cities, and exotic foods of course. So if you get the chance to visit this wonderful archipelago, then you know exactly where to start now. …

The Best Cities in America to Travel to Next Summer.

The United States of America is the Land of the Free. And probably has the highest amount of people wanting to travel to and visit. Now, although the pandemic has put a stop to any traveling amidst countries, it doesn’t mean it’ll last forever. So when quarantine has finally lifted, the disease finally is gone, and people ready to travel again, you’re going to need a guide. 

And lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon the best one! Here, we’re going to discuss the Top 3 Cities to visit in America during the summer. And we’re also going to discuss why so that you can have a better idea going into them. So without further ado, here are the best cities to visit in America next summer. 


Chicago tops our list for cities to travel to next summer! The city has without a doubt the most fun factor out of every city here on this list. From enjoying cuisine to the highest level to munching on some deep dish Chicago style pizza. Or from enjoying the warm, bright, and vibrant city, to partying the night until morning. Windy City has it all for everybody to enjoy! 

And that’s not all! In Chicago, you’ll also be able to visit numerous landmarks, tons of museums, and much MUCH more! It is the best first stop to go to, especially if you’re new to traveling here! 


When people often hear about the city of Nashville, they would think of an old and peaceful countryside where cows and chickens are everywhere. But in reality, Nashville is probably one of the liveliest cities you could ever visit in the States. And by lively, I mean nightlife! Yes, the nightlife in Nashville is among the wildest, where you can actually drink all the way from 10 am to 3 am if you really wanted to get hammered. It’s the best place to have a drink with your friends and enjoy the night. 

But if that isn’t your style, then you can have a walk around town and drop by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, to see some of the legends of Country Music. Or you can also drop by RCA Studios B to have a look at the various records that the great Elvis has made. Either way, Nashville is a cultural goldmine to visit some of the greats in music. 


And the last one on our list, the city of Boston is a much visit for all who wish to visit the Land of the Free. It is one of the first cities to have ever existed in the States, so there are a lot of historic moments that have happened here. Maybe you’ve heard of one? Including some tea? 

Well, even if you haven’t, Boston is still a sight to behold, just by the architecture of this place alone. With a skyline second only to the one in New York, a city like this is a must-visit for all travelers! 


America has a lot of great cities to visit. All with their own unique experiences and twists for you to enjoy. These three are just the best ones to visit next summer. But keep watch! Because soon enough Autumn will be just right around the corner. …

Best Sights to See in Orlando.

Orlando City is the city of dreams and magic! It’s a city where you just know, your entire family will be able to have fun and enjoy yourselves while on vacation. It is the perfect place to spend some quality time with a loved one as well! And while you’re in town, you’ll see just how magical love can truly get. 

But without the right place for you to enjoy that time with your family or loved ones, how should you do it? Well, luckily for you, an article like this exists. Here, you’ll be able to learn about all the best sights there is to see in Orlando. And trust me, there are a lot of them. So consider this as the most general of them. 

Walt Disney World. 

That’s right folks, not Disneyland, but Disney World! We all know the famed mouse created by Walt Disney. Well, in the state of Florida, Orlando is actually the city where they chose to open up Disney World! And it is massive 4 parks making up the whole site, you would probably need to stick close to your friends and family if you don’t want to get lost. It’s a really huge place with Magic Kingdom as its most iconic sight to see. Here, you’ll be able to truly experience Disney at its finest. 

Universal Theme Parks. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live in Jurassic Park? Or maybe you want to imagine yourself sailing a pirate ship along with the Pirates of the Caribbean? Well, my friends, Steven Speilberg has answered your calls with the Universal Theme Parks. Here, you’ll be able to experience what it’s like to be on set with some of the most iconic movies in the filming industry like Lagoon or the Lost Continent, among other films. It is a place where you’ll be able to enjoy theme parks based on these movies, and who knows, you might even actually be able to meet some of the cast as well. And now, with more parks on the way like Harry Potter, you can only imagine just how huge and beautiful this place will be in the future! 

Sea World. 

Now, how about we dive into something a little more, aquatic. And dive, we may literally do as the next sight you should see for yourself is none other than Sea World! It is the place for all sea lovers to experience what it’s like to live among the creatures of the sea. With main attractions like the dolphin shows and the whale shows, you will also be able to experience getting up, close, and personal with some of the dolphins as well. You may not be able to feed them, but at least you’ll also be able to get a pretty good picture to show to your friends! 


In short, Orlando has tons of theme parks ready for you to explore and enjoy. The City Beautiful lives up to its name, with just these three theme parks ready for you to enjoy. So if you ever find yourself in town, you’ll know where some of the best places to experience Orlando in its finest are.…

Best Places to Eat in Colorado

Colorado is such a wide and great land. It’s often filled with a lot of life, and so many wildlife as well. With such beauty and vast fields, it’s often hard to find a nice place to eat. Enter, this article. Here, you’ll be able to find the best places to chow down to heart’s content. So be sure to get your belly’s ready, because here they are: 

Caspian Café

This cafe is a special one, as it has the ability to transport the Mediterranean to your dinner plate. With a variety of starters to choose from like falafels, hummus, and even baba ghanouj. You’ll be finding yourself digging in a lot in this cafe. 

Carlos’ Bistro

Bistros are hard to come by here, but when you do find one, it’s well worth every penny. Take for example Carlos’ Bistro. In this small restaurant, you’ll find to have a certain old school aura to it. One that can really set the mood for any couple looking for that spark.

Edelweiss German Restaurant. 

Bringing authentic German food right to your table. This restaurant takes great pride in where its source material comes from. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy all the German delicacies and make you feel like you’re in Europe with every bite!

Kohnami sushi. 

But if European delicacy is not quite your taste, then how about some good old fashioned Asian food? The sushi here is an absolute must-have if you ever find yourself in the area. One of the most authentic sushi’s you’ll ever taste in this state really! 

Pepper Tree Restaurant. 

Now, if you don’t have an appetite for Mediterranean, French, German, or Japanese, then how about some good old fashioned American steak? Who doesn’t like steak anyway? In this restaurant, you’ll be able to partake in some of the most delicious pieces of steak you will ever have. And if you still don’t like that, then they have an array of seafood platter ready for you as well. 

The Blue Star. 

Looking for just a quiet place to dine and have a few cocktails? Well, the Blue Star has got you covered. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy light cocktails with some tapas on the side in order to give you the most relaxed meal or stay you can get in Colorado. 


And finally, if you just want to grab a quick snack followed by a nice drink, then head on over to Shuga’s. Though this place is mostly filled with college students, it is one of the most eclectic restaurants out there. Plus, did I tell you they’re pretty cheap?

And those are seven of the best places you can eat in our great state of Colorado. But keep in mind, this is not all of them, as there are a bunch of hidden gems for you to find yourself. So if you’re ever in the state, keep an eye out for them, or should I say, keep your belly’s open for some of the best food you’ll ever eat.…

Historic Places in Texas

When we say not to mess with Texas, there is a proper meaning to it. Texas is a state with many war-related historical places. Before it got its independence from Mexico, a lot of wars were fought on that land. If you are in love with war history and the amazing structural designs you should visit the historic places in Texas.

Some of the important places are San Antonio National Park, Dealey plaza museum, The Alamo, Fort Worth stockyards, and Port Isabel lighthouse. The details of the things to look for when you visit these historic places in Texas are given below.

San Antonio National Park

This area represents the missions of Spanish Christians in Texas. Their mission was to promote Christianity in Texas so they made an outpost to continue their missions. The building was made in the 17th century so it makes the building an amazing place to view the historical architecture. The paths made by the San Antonio missions are also worth seeing.

Dealey plaza museum

Most of us do not know that assassination of the John F. Kennedy took place near the Dealey Plaza museum. There is a cross sign on the road that shows the location where he was shot. The assassin was on the sixth floor of the Plaza when he shot the president of the United States. After it was discovered that the assassin was there, the place has become a museum. You will be able to see the pictures of John F Kennedy as well as details about the assassination there.

The Alamo

The history of Texas can never be completed without the mention of The Alamo. It has two aspects that make the place so important. One aspect is the early missions of the catholic to promote Christianity in the native Americans.

The other aspect is the war between the US and Mexico for Texas. The walls of the Alamo were demolished by the Mexican Army and it was used as a stronghold for the soldiers. The Army of Texas defeats the Mexicans at this location and took the Alamo. Now, it is a great tourist attraction as well as one of the most important historic places in Texas.

Fort Worth stockyards

If you want to remember the old days when the cows and the carts were used to deliver the items and transport people, the Fort Worth Stockyards is the place to visit. It was due to the presence of thousands of cows for transportation. Now, this town has maintained the old looks just for the entertainment of tourists.

Port Isabel lighthouse

It is one of the oldest Lighthouses of the United States. The Lighthouse is present at the coast of Texas and it was used to guide the ships to cross the ocean. During the American Civil War, soldiers took over this Lighthouse from both sides but later it was released. Now, it is part of the national historic sites. After the restoration, it looks amazing. It became famous among the tourist after the visitor’s center was constructed.…

Port Douglas, Australia

Port Douglas was the first home of the Yirrganydjis until the Europeans came and turned it into a fishing village and remote port. In 1980, Christopher Skase developed it into a great tropical destination for tourists.

This Queensland – with its amazing setting – is an ideal base to explore the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree rainforest and the Cape Tribulation beaches. 

You can choose to sunbath on the Four Mile Beach’s golden sands and then go for a perfect spa treatment at one of Port Douglas’ glorious day spas for ultimate relaxation. 

When to Visit.

You can expect average temperatures in the wet season, which is from November to April. March is the wettest month although this might be great for you if you don’t like humid weather plus the rainforest looks better during this season and the waterfalls are full-flowing. 

The dry season is from March to October with lesser rainfall and warm sea temperatures.

How to Get There.

From the Cairns Airport, Port Douglas is just one-hour drive away via the Great Barrier Reef Drive – which is a coastal road lined by forest on one side and a beach on the other.


The accommodation options in Port Douglas will give you all you need for an ideal tropical vacation. These options range from budget homestays, full-service beachside resorts, and family-friendly resorts to waterfront luxury – all ranging from 3 to 5 stars. All the accommodation options are complemented by a top array of restaurants and boutiques.


Port Douglas is widely known for its fresh seafood but there are also many other excellent cuisines available for you to try. You’d find some unusual items on the restaurant menus like crocodile, emu, and kangaroo that will spoil you for choice. It’s difficult to narrow down to a select few choices as all the dining options are fantastic. Port Douglas is a haven for every foodie.

Moving Around.

Port Douglas is small in size so moving around is quite easy as most places would be within a walking distance. There are bus services, taxi and bicycle options available to get you around the island if you need them. If you book a tour from your lodge, you’d be picked up and dropped back when you want.

Fun Activities.

There a lot of things to do in Port Douglas. You can explore a coral cay, retreat to the Daintree Rainforest, rock on at Mossman Gorge or simply unwind at a day spa.